Florida Wound Care Doctors | Billing
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Billing & Insurance

Office Financial Policies

We share your concern about the cost of medical care. Our fees are appropriate for our specialty and this area. Our fees for physician’s services are SEPARATE from hospital/clinic charges and are NOT included in the hospital or facility bill.


Hospital/Facility Charges:

Any service(s) provided by a hospital/facility is a contract between you and that hospital/facility. Any dispute should be handled with that hospital/facility directly. Unfortunately, our practice does not have the ability to handle and/or resolve any dispute between you and the hospital/facility.



We contract with most major Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and most major Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) for physician services. We also accept Medicare, Medicare HMO’s, Medicaid and some Medicaid HMO’s. We can help you to determine what your insurance plan may cover.


Referrals and Authorizations

If you have an HMO or a Multi-Tiered HMO health insurance plan, it may be necessary for you to obtain a referral before making an appointment with us. Many insurance companies including HMO (managed care) and PPO require a primary care physician to initiate referral and authorization processes for all services we may provide.


Various specialty services may require additional review by the health insurance plans. Our goal is to provide services in a timely manner. However, once the request is transferred to the insurance company and additional review is required, we must await their response. Please check with your plan for their specific requirements.


Does this mean I have to change doctors?

No. In fact, Florida Wound Care Doctors work with your personal physician in the same way as we would any medical specialist. We keep your doctor informed on all aspects of your treatment. You will continue to receive all of your routine care from your personal or primary care physician.


Additional Review

Various specialty services may require additional review by the health insurance plans. Our goal is to provide services in a timely manner; however, we must sometimes wait for your insurance company to respond.


Physician Communication

Florida Wound Care Doctors communicates with your primary physician to keep them informed about all aspects of your wound treatment. You will continue to receive all other routine care from your currently established providers.

Florida Wound Care Doctors