Florida Wound Care Doctors | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a referral or prior authorization from my primary care physician?

    Every insurance is different when it comes to the need for referrals and prior authorizations. We will work with you and your insurance company to make sure all necessary requirements are met.

    Do you accept my insurance?

    We accept most insurances. We will need your specific information to verify your coverage.

    What is my co-pay?

    Co-pays vary between insurance companies and even between policies within the same company. We will verify your co-pay and inform you of the amount before you begin treatment.

    Why would I need Wound Care?

    There are many factors that can effect wound healing. If you have a wound that is not healing properly, you may need specialized wound care. Certain conditions such as diabetes, poor blood flow, problems with swelling or other chronic conditions can make wound healing more difficult. By seeing a wound care specialist more serious complications such as infections or amputation may be avoided.

    Can you treat my wound?

    The Orlando Wound Institute exists to treat wounds. Our multi-disciplinary team is specially trained and uses the latest technologies, treatments and dressings to care for your wound.

    How long will therapy take?

    Every wound is different. Our team will complete a comprehensive assessment of your wound and underlying conditions. We will address any barriers to healing and provide goal directed care to heal your wound as quickly as possible.

    What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, often referred to as HBOT or HBO, is a treatment where you breathe 100% oxygen, in a pressurized environment. This allows more oxygen to diffuse into the tissues of the body. This can help improve blood flow, make antibiotics work more effectively and fight certain infections. There is a large body of research regarding various conditions that may be helped by HBO. Our team would be happy to discuss questions about HBO and provide further resources.

    What are Skin Substitutes?

    Skin substitutes, or cellular and tissue based products (CTPs), are products which elicit an active healing response from the body when applied to a wound. When a wound becomes chronic, the normal wound healing process has been interrupted. Normal growth factors are decreased or absent and increased inflammatory cells are present. CTPs normalize the wound environment and activate healing processes.

    What is Wound Debridement?

    Wound debridement is the removal of dead tissue and debris from the wound bed to prevent inflammation and infection and allow the wound to heal more quickly.

    What are Wound Dressings?

    Wound dressings help to protect wounds and provide an optimal environment for wound healing. Dressings are selected according to wound characteristics such as the amount of drainage and depth of the wound. Many advanced dressings can be left in place for several days, decreasing the frequency of dressing changes and need for clinic visits. The Orlando Wound Institute’s team will carefully select the most appropriate advanced dressing to address your specific needs.

    Does insurance cover treatment?

    We contract with most major Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and most major Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) for physician services. We also accept Medicare, Medicare HMO’s, Medicaid and some Medicaid HMO’s. We can help you to determine what your insurance plan may cover.

    Do I need a referral and/or pre-authorization?

    If you have an HMO or a Multi-Tiered HMO health insurance plan, it may be necessary for you to obtain a referral before making an appointment with us. Many insurance companies including HMO (managed care) and PPO require a primary care physician to initiate referral and authorization processes for all services we may provide.

    Various specialty services may require additional review by the health insurance plans. Our goal is to provide services in a timely manner. However, once the request is transferred to the insurance company and additional review is required, we must await their response. Please check with your plan for their specific requirements.

    Does this mean I have to change doctors?

    No. In fact, Florida Wound Care Doctors work with your personal physician in the same way as we would any medical specialist. We keep your doctor informed on all aspects of your treatment. You will continue to receive all of your routine care from your personal or primary care physician.

Florida Wound Care Doctors